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The History of the Traube

Your hotel in Eastern Tyrol: with a rich history

The "Traube", under the ownership and management of the Vergeiner family since 1860, has been a "coffeehouse" frequented by Dutch queen Wilhelmina, a gathering place for Lienz residents, a vacation getaway for paparazzi-weary celebrities, and a home base for many of Eastern Tyrol's heritage groups.

The Traube has been the setting for grand weddings, lavish balls, and cheerful morning get-togethers. It has been witness to wild negotiations between cattle traders and served as a romantic retreat for honeymooners. This mixture has made the Traube a renowned and popular stopping point for those traveling from north to south and east to west. And anyone who stopped here but once, was certain to return again to enjoy a vacation in beautiful Eastern Tyrol. As a famous fisherman, drinker, and writer once said:

"Nowhere else do fish swim in such fine wine as at the Traube!"

Regional cuisine at its best

And this brings us to the topic of food and drink. Famous chefs have adorned this hotel with prestigious "toques", "stars", and "spoons". The true ambition of Vergeiner's however is to cook the perfect roast pork, the fluffiest apricot dumplings, and the most tender Tafelspitz: regional cuisine at its very best is served here at your hotel in Eastern Tyrol.

A first-class wine connoisseur invites you to be his guest
The only thing that the Traube doesn't have is a sommelier. That's something your host prefers to handle himself. And that means, you will receive personal tips from one of Austria's most competent wine experts. Wine has always been, and still is the passion of this family. When studying the "wine book" that goes along with the menu, it will become clear to you why the hotel is indeed called the "Traube" (which means "grape" in German!).

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