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Mountain Bike Tours

Through the mountain world of Lienz on 2 wheels

Rising up around Lienz are rocky massifs that create a paradise for mountain bikers. Here, you will discover routes to suit every taste - a few of which we recommend 


Kreithof – Dolomitenhütte

The Kreithof is located at an elevation of 1,050 m and is reachable via a road in 8 km. This is the starting point for the route up to the Dolomitenhütte (around 4 km). With a magnificent view of the Lienz Dolomites, you can either stop to enjoy refreshments, or take on the challenges of the route leading up to the Karlsbader Hütte. This is where the Ecco-Benetton-Sprint from Tristach to the Dolomitenhütte takes place each year.


Alkuser See

A tour for professionals rising some 2,000 vertical meters. From Lienz in a northwest direction to Oberdrum and then to the Ranachalm. Along the single-trail, there is a short segment where you will have to push your bike. Then, follow the signs that take you along gravel paths, paved roads and forest trails all the way up to the Alkuser See.


Debanttal – Lienzer Hütte

The Debanttal is located north of Lienz. The mountain bike tour up to the Lienzer Hütte (1,974 m) extends over 40 km and includes a ca. 1,300 meter gain. The hut is staffed from June to the beginning of October. 


To the Hochsteinhütte

The Hochsteinhütte is located west of Lienz at an elevation of 2,025 m – gorgeous views are guaranteed. But to get there, you will have to lean hard into your pedals as you take on a 1,350 m gain. From the car park on the western outskirts of town, the trail leads past Schloss Bruck and up to a short passage where you have to push your bike. Delicious treats at the hut and a sunny spot on the terrace to enjoy the view are your reward. 

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