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Challenging hike to the Laserzsee during your hiking vacation in Eastern Tyrol
With a few of Austria's tallest peaks – and the Grossglockner at the top of that list – experienced mountaineers can look forward to an array of memorable highlights. 


Lienzer Hütte

Leave your car at the Seichenbrunn parking lot. From here, a farm road leads to the Lienzer Hütte at an elevation of 1,977m. If you want something a bit more challenging, then you can hike along the Zettersfeld – Lienzer alpine path. Depending on your fitness level, the hike takes 4-6 hours.


Schleinitz 2,904 m from the Steinermandl summit station

A magnificent view of the town of Lienz and the Lienz Dolomites

Route description:
from the Zettersfeld summit station of the Steinermandl chairlift to the Neualpl lakes. Follow the path to the summit, where there are a few rocky spots you must cross. The breathtaking panorama makes up for any exertion required during the climb.
Time-on-trail: ca. 1 hr. 15 min to the Steinermandl and ca. 3 hrs. to the summit


Böses Weibele 3,121 m

Fantastic view of the Grossglockner

Starting point: parking lot at the Lucknerhaus (1,920 m)
Route description: up to the Peischler Törl (2,484 m), through marshy terrain with cotton grass and a shelter. You can reach this area either via the Glorerhütte or the Niggl-Metoitzalm. From here, head in a southern direction via the scree-covered mountainsides to the Tschadin saddle and up to a panoramic summit below the Grossglockner.
Time-on-trail: all-day tour


Karlsbader Hütte 2,260 m on the Laserzsee

Ascent: from the parking lot at the Dolomitenhütte via an easy hiking path or the somewhat challenging Rul Eller trail (surefootedness a must) in 2 hrs. Via numerous sharp curves, you will reach the Hohes Törl (2,098 m), directly beneath the imposing walls of the Dolomites that are so coveted by climbers.


Wangenitzsee Hütte

A special view of the Ankogel

Route description:
through the Debanttal over the lower Seescharte gap, via the Raneralm (parking available), continue along the Wiener Höhenweg (alpine trail) and the upper Seeschafte gap to the Wagenitzer Alm.
Time-on-trail: ca. 3 hrs.


Grosse Kinigat 2,687 m

The highest elevation of the main Carnic Alps divide.

Route description: along a forest trail through the Erschbaumertal to the head of the valley. Make a left up a path with a series of sharp switchbacks to the Tscharre. Between the Kinigat and Liköfelwand to the Hintersattel. There you will have an opportunity to head downhill to the Filmoor-Standschützenhütte. Continue to the Filmoorsattel and via the Geröllfeld south of the Königswand ca. 400 m in a western direction. Turn right, head along a steep path through gravelly terrain to a cliff face where there is a secured passage ca. 100 m in length, and then to the summit cirque. Continue right to the Europa cross on the summit, which is the highest elevation along the Carnic Alps main ridge.
Time-on-trail: ca. 5 hrs.

Hikes in the surroundings of Lienz


Grossglockner 3,798 m

Austria's highest summit with the famous Kaiserkreuz (summit cross) and unforgettable views.

Starting point:
parking lot at the Lucknerhaus (1,920 m)
Route description: via the Lucknerhütte and Stüdlhütte, head along the "Alter Kalser Weg" secured by rope. Via the Ködnitzkees up to the Erzherzog-Johann-Hütte (Adlersruhe 3,454 m). The climb to the summit continues with rope and crampons via the "Glockner Leitl" to the rocky edge of the Kleinglockner. After crossing the Glocknerschartl, only 30 vertical meters separate you from the summit cross. A mountain guide is recommended for this challenging tour!
Time-on-trail: 2-day tour


Grossvenediger 3,666 m

Amazing panoramic views of Hohe Tauern National Park and the surrounding mountains including the Dolomites, the Dachstein, and many others.

Starting point: Hinterbichl or the parking lot at the Wiesenkreuz (1,484 m)
Route description: take a taxi to the Johannis Hütte (2,121 m). Here begins the climb to the Defreggerhaus (2,964 m) with a magnificent view of the glistening white snow pack on broad glaciated areas. The glacier begins beyond the Mullwitzaderl at an elevation of 3,241 m. Crampons, ropes, and an experienced mountain guide are recommended for safety.
Time-on-trail: ca. 7 to 8 hrs.

Hiking tours in and around Lienz

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