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Hiking & Climbing

Hiking enthusiasts are at Vergeiner's Hotel Traube very welcome! A leisurely hike with the family or a high alpine hike, East Tyrol is a paradise for lots of opportunities.

Hiking in East Tyrol

Hiking in Lienz

Hiking could not be any more beautiful: the Dolomites in the south, the Hochstein in the west, and the Schober group in the north offer a hiking experience for experienced mountain hikers as well as for families and seniors!

Hochstein - The adventure mountain for families

Towering skywards to the west of this Dolomite city is the Hochstein, a family hiking area that you can explore with the help of both chairlifts. Especially popular is the petting zoo, which is located at the top of the first section of the Hochstein lift.

The region of Lienzer dolomites

The Dolomites to the south of Lienz are a wonderful hiking area, also with several accommodation options for multi-day tours. Climbers find a selection of tours ranging in difficulty as well as various practice climbing areas.

Hiking tour suggestions for families and beginners

We have personal tour tips for you in various degrees of difficulty. We are happy to differentiate you when planning your hiking tours.

Easy hiking tours - Dolomites of Lienz

Hiking tour suggestions for families and beginners

On these hikes right in front our doorstep, you can experience the mountains of East Tyrol in all their beauty, without having to resort to strenuous tours.

Reiter Kirchl

Once you have arrived at the Moosalm, you can explore the Reiterkirchl loop trail. It takes less than 2 hrs. The signposted path leads to the Reiteralm and the Reiter Kirchl. Branch off towards the Tschwabelehof, where a meadow trail with a beautiful view leads to the Tschitscherhof. From here, you can return to the Moosalm.

Moosalm – Venedigerwarte

From the Hochstein valley station, you can take the Schlossberg lift directly up to the Moosalm. It is a big hit for kids especially, since the Moosalm petting zoo and playground promise all kinds of fun. Awaiting you above here is the Venedigerturm - a viewing tower that offers a fantastic view of Lienz.

Galitzen Gorge Water Path

Enjoy views of the thunderous Galitzenbach from the bridges and paths, feel the raw power of water. Flanked by steep rock walls, you will gain impressive insights into the Lienz Dolomites.
Informative display boards along the Galitzen Gorge tour provide interesting facts about history, geology, flora and fauna.

Naturfreunde Hütte

In summer, the Naturfreunde Hütte is very easy to reach. It is located at an elevation of 1800 m in the Zetterfeld hiking area. By car, drive via Gaimberg to the car park at the Fasching Alm. You will reach the hut in only 30 min.

Tristachersee and "Alter See"

Right at the foot of the Lienz Dolomites, you will find a wonderful swimming lake. From here, you should take the easy hike to a natural landmark, the “Alter See”. It is located under a massive rock face. A true paradise for flora and fauna.

Theme Trail – Path of Peace

This path of reflection leads to the Helenenkirchl. You start in Thurn and hike along this easy path over meadows and through forests. After ca. 1.5 hrs., you will reach the Helenenkirchl, where you will have a fantastic view of the valley basin in Lienz.

Easy hikes in East Tyrol

Hikes for families and casual hikers

On these hikes in East Tyrol you will experience our mountains in all their beauty.

"Zedlacher Paradies" Hiking Trail

The Zedlacher Paradies is an ancient cultural landscape - a larch forest with centuries-old, gnarled, giant trees, which offer an impressive natural spectacle in late autumn when the needles turn yellow.
A loop trail, with info on natural history and imaginative metal figures by metalsmith Erich Trost, leads to the most beautiful trees in the Zedlach forest.
A side trip to the Wodenalm (ca. 1 hr.) or to the Strumerhof (ca. 30 min) are very rewarding. The Zedlacher Paradies is one of Austria's most beautiful larch forests. TIME-ON-TRAIL: for the complete loop ca. 3 hrs.

"Beautiful View" Tour

ROUTE DESCRIPTION: from the Iselsberg kiosk left on a hiking path through fields and forest uphill to the inn "Zur schönen Aussicht" (refreshment opportunity). Head downhill first on a supply road to the Kieferhof and the Defreggerhof, then back to the Iselsberg.
TIME-ON-TRAIL: ca. 2 hrs.

Pustertal · Golzentipp 2,317 m

A wonderful excursion. A slightly uphill trail on the local mountain in Tilliach awaits with great views.
ROUTE DESCRIPTION: from the summit station, the path leads left to the mountain ridge, along the ski run up to the Glamp lift summit station and to the circular Jochsee. Then, just above the group of old hay barns, you will reach the Golzentipp.
TIME-ON-TRAIL: ca. 1 hr.

Lucknerhütte 2,241 m

OPEN: beginning of June to ca. October 20, specialties from the kitchen: homemade pastries, traditional cuisine from organic farming, vegetarian dishes
ASCENT: easily reachable for children and seniors in 1 hr. from the parking lot at the Lucknerhaus!

Alpengasthof Lucknerhaus 1,920 m

Restaurant with a direct view of the Grossglockner
OPEN: from May 1 to October 26, sunny terrace with a wonderful view of the Grossglockner, reachable by car, toll road!
ASCENT: from Kals via the Kalser Glocknerstrasse (5 m wide), 20 min. driving time, easily reachable. Buses up to 25 tons possible! Gradient 10 %

Challenging hiking tours

For hikers with more experience and hikers by sci, we have advices for all of our guests. We would like to help you to plan your tours.

Hiking in East Tyrol on highest level

Conquer the 3,000 meter peaks

Challenging hike to the Laserzsee during your hiking vacation in Eastern Tyrol. With a few of Austria's tallest peaks – and the Grossglockner at the top of that list – experienced mountaineers can look forward to an array of memorable highlights.

Lienzer Hütte

Leave your car at the Seichenbrunn parking lot. From here, a farm road leads to the Lienzer Hütte at an elevation of 1,977m. If you want something a bit more challenging, then you can hike along the Zettersfeld – Lienzer alpine path. Depending on your fitness level, the hike takes 4-6 hours.

Schleinitz 2,904 m from the Steinermandl summit station

A magnificent view of the town of Lienz and the Lienz Dolomites - ROUTE DESCRIPTION: from the Zettersfeld summit station of the Steinermandl chairlift to the Neualpl lakes. Follow the path to the summit, where there are a few rocky spots you must cross. The breathtaking panorama makes up for any exertion required during the climb.
TIME-ON-TRAIL: ca. 1 hr. 15 min to the Steinermandl and ca. 3 hrs. to the summit

Böses Weibele 3,121 m

Fantastic view of the Grossglockner STARTING POINT: parking lot at the Lucknerhaus (1,920 m)

ROUTE DESCRIPTION: up to the Peischler Törl (2,484 m), through marshy terrain with cotton grass and a shelter. You can reach this area either via the Glorerhütte or the Niggl-Metoitzalm. From here, head in a southern direction via the scree-covered mountainsides to the Tschadin saddle and up to a panoramic summit below the Grossglockner.
TIME-ON-TRAIL: all-day tour

Karlsbader Hütte 2,260 m on the Laserzsee

ASCENT: from the parking lot at the Dolomitenhütte via an easy hiking path or the somewhat challenging Rul Eller trail (surefootedness a must) in 2 hrs. Via numerous sharp curves, you will reach the Hohes Törl (2,098 m), directly beneath the imposing walls of the Dolomites that are so coveted by climbers.


A special view of the Ankogel - ROUTE DESCRIPTION: through the Debanttal over the lower Seescharte gap, via the Raneralm (parking available), continue along the Wiener Höhenweg (alpine trail) and the upper Seeschafte gap to the Wagenitzer Alm.
TIME-ON-TRAIL: ca. 3 hrs.

Grosse Kinigat 2,687 m

The highest elevation of the main Carnic Alps divide. ROUTE DESCRIPTION: along a forest trail through the Erschbaumertal to the head of the valley. Make a left up a path with a series of sharp switchbacks to the Tscharre. Between the Kinigat and Liköfelwand to the Hintersattel. There you will have an opportunity to head downhill to the Filmoor-Standschützenhütte. Continue to the Filmoorsattel and via the Geröllfeld south of the Königswand ca. 400 m in a western direction. Turn right, head along a steep path through gravelly terrain to a cliff face where there is a secured passage ca. 100 m in length, and then to the summit cirque. Continue right to the Europa cross on the summit, which is the highest elevation along the Carnic Alps main ridge.
TIME-ON-TRAIL: ca. 5 hrs.

Grossglockner 3,798 m

Austria's highest summit with the famous Kaiserkreuz (summit cross) and unforgettable views. STARTING POINT: parking lot at the Lucknerhaus (1,920 m)

ROUTE DESCRIPTION: via the Lucknerhütte and Stüdlhütte, head along the "Alter Kalser Weg" secured by rope. Via the Ködnitzkees up to the Erzherzog-Johann-Hütte (Adlersruhe 3,454 m). The climb to the summit continues with rope and crampons via the "Glockner Leitl" to the rocky edge of the Kleinglockner. After crossing the Glocknerschartl, only 30 vertical meters separate you from the summit cross. A mountain guide is recommended for this challenging tour!
TIME-ON-TRAIL: 2-day tour

Grossvenediger 3,666 m

Amazing panoramic views of Hohe Tauern National Park and the surrounding mountains including the Dolomites, the Dachstein, and many others. STARTING POINT: Hinterbichl or the parking lot at the Wiesenkreuz (1,484 m)

ROUTE DESCRIPTION: take a taxi to the Johannis Hütte (2,121 m). Here begins the climb to the Defreggerhaus (2,964 m) with a magnificent view of the glistening white snow pack on broad glaciated areas. The glacier begins beyond the Mullwitzaderl at an elevation of 3,241 m. Crampons, ropes, and an experienced mountain guide are recommended for safety.
TIME-ON-TRAIL: ca. 7 to 8 hrs.

Some Insider tips - hiking in East Tyrol

These tours promise special panoramic views and unique experiences with nature. Here you will find - if you have a little experience - what you definitely shouldn't miss.

Special tips for East Tyrol

Wangenitzsee Hütte

A special view of the AnkogelROUTE DESCRIPTION: through the Debanttal over the lower Seescharte gap, via the Raneralm (parking available), continue along the Wiener Höhenweg (alpine trail) and the upper Seeschafte gap to the Wagenitzer Alm.
TIME-ON-TRAILl: ca. 3 hrs.


By car, you can drive as far as the Dolomitenhütte, or you can start your hike directly from Lienz. The hut is ca. 12 km away. Once you have arrived at the Dolomitenhütte, a 2-hr. leisurely hike will take you to the Karlsbaderhütte.

Kerschbaumer Alm

Leave your car at Gasthof Waldschenke in Amlach. From here, head to the Googstein and continue to the Klammbrückl, a natural landmark. It will then take ca. 2.5 hrs. to reach the rustic Kerschbaumer hut.

Lienzer Hütte

Leave your car at the Seichenbrunn parking lot. From here, hike along a farm road to the Lienzer Hütte at an elevation of 1,977m. If you prefer more of a challenge, then you can hike along the Zettersfeld – Lienzer alpine path. Depending on your physical fitness level, the trail takes 4-6 hours to complete.

Hochsteinhütte - Böses Weibele

Start at the Moosalm at an elevation of 1,000m. From here, follow the Russenweg path to the Sternalm and continue via the romantic Märchensteig to the Hochsteinhütte, where fantastic regional specialties are awaiting you. If the 1 ¼ hr. hike is not enough, you can head to the Böses Weibele at an elevation of 2,521m.
TIME-ON-TRAIL: another ca. 1 ½ hrs.

Neualpl Lakes

This tour is an ideal way to acclimatize to the high altitude. You can either hike for 1 hr. up to the Zettersfeld or take the chair lift up to an elevation of 2,300 m, which is where the loop trail starts. It takes a good half hour to hike around the Neualpl lakes.

Insider tips - Hiking tours in East Tyrol

Lasörling 3,098 m

One of the most popular excursion destinations for hikers and mountain climbers from near and far. From the Lasörlinghütte, it is an easy climb to the summit. Through the "Glaurit" to one of Eastern Tyrol's most beautiful panoramic mountains. Splendid view of the Grossglockner, Grossvenediger, Ortler Alps, 3 Zinnen, etc

ROUTE DESCRIPTION: from the Welzelach in Mullitztal. Via the Stadleralm up to the extraordinary Lasörlinghütte (2,350 m). From here, via the Glauret Boden, a prehistoric mining area, to the Lasörling summit. TIME-ON-TRAIL: day hike

Lienz Dolomites · Hochsteinhütte 2,025 m

OPEN: May 1 to October 31 | 2 cozy dining rooms for ca. 40 guests | 2 terraces for ca. 90 guests

ASCENT: via the toll road from the Bannberg to the parking lot, then 8 min. by foot to the hut or by chair lift from Lienz (673m) to the Sternalm (1,505m) and then via the romantic Märchensteig path, ca. 1.5 hrs. or from the Moosalm (1,000 m) via the "Russ'nweg", ca. 3 hrs.

Nilljoch Hütte 1,990 m

The Niljochhütte is located on a sunny mountainside on the border between Prägraten and Virgen at the entrance to the Venediger alpine trail. Large sunny terrace with a magnificent panoramic view of the entire Virgental. ROUTE DESCRIPTION: Obermauern (parking below the Budamerhof)
TIME-ON-TRAIL: ca. 1 hr. 30 min

Bonn-Matreier-Hütte 2,745 m

ROUTE DESCRIPTION: from the parking lot at the Budamer Hof to the Niljochhütte. Enjoy magnificent views from here. Continue on the path to the Grosses Niltal valley, uphill across colorful flower-strewn meadows to the Venediger alpine trail. The Bonn-Matreier-Hütte, with excellent views, is seemingly close enough to reach out and touch.
TIME-ON-TRAIL: ca. 4 to 5 hrs.

Wangenitzsee Hütte

A special view of the Ankogel - ROUTE DESCRIPTION: through the Debanttal over the lower Seescharte gap, via the Raneralm (parking available), continue along the Wiener Höhenweg (alpine trail) and the upper Seeschafte gap to the Wagenitzer Alm. TIME-ON-TRAIL: ca. 3 hrs.