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Group Travel

Vergeiner's Hotel Traube is located in the heart of the oldtown of Lienz. All monuments are very easy to reach. Hotel features and parking places for busses are required for group travels for maximum of 100 persons. Our responsible and heartful team would like to support your organization.

Perfect location, Equipment & Advice for your journey

For a longer term or just one night - groups are very welcome. Groups eat their dinner in our pleasant restaurant in the 1st floor. The two public parking places for busses are in front of our entrance and so the arrival is very simple. Our the would like to support and organize your trips - culture, sport, culinary & business or shopping. You find the Vergeiner`s Hotel Traube also by Touring Hotels Austria.

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Suggestions for trips | Nationalpark Hohe Tauern | Valley Villgratental | Vitalpinum | Loackers World of Enjoy

Our top-suggestions for trips in east tyrol

We would like to give informations about trips in East Tyrol for bus and group travellers. Our team is going to plan your changeful programme: A short guided tour through Lienz or a one-day-trip at the mountain world in East Tyrol or the Nationalpark Hohe Tauern.   Regional workshops and cultural highlights. The location of East Tyrol is perfect to visit the carinthian lakes, Salzburg or Italy. Also the highest mountain from Austria, the Großglockner, is very easy to reach from Lienz. Find here some suggestions for trips for your travel group:

If you like, our team organize a programme for your weekend trip. Just tell us your interests. We care for your tickets for sci areas and companies. In Winter you can choose between seven sci areas in East Tyrol. Just ask for a non-binding-offer, we at Vergeiner's Hotel Traube would like to help you.

Free seat: With 20 or more paying guests, we allow 1 free person in a double room

From the Hohe Tauern National Park brochure

Vast mountain chains with steep, rugged rock walls, countless summits surrounded by perpetual ice, and streams that plunge from narrow gorges into the valley.

Rugged, virgin landscape

Gentle meadows, mountains covered in flowers, alpine villages nestled harmoniously into the landscape!

Beautiful cultural landscape

Since 1992, it has been the largest national park in the Alps, an area of over 1,834 km² rich in variety and contrasts, it is one of the most beautiful and most interesting landscapes in Europe!

Primordial and cultivated land

Excellently trained national park rangers are happy to help you organize your tour, and will be happy to accompany you during your visit. In addition, trekking excursions lasting up to 6 days are offered, which are wonderfully suited for team building with your employees for groups of 5 people or more.

Travel to Innergschlöss, national park centers, Zedlacher Paradies, national park info center, "Alpine Magic" path, Ködnitztal Kals, Gottschaunalm, Dorfertal Kals, Umbal falls, Jagdhausalmen, Grossvenediger, Lienzer Hütte, Staller saddle, Neualpl lakes

Book & further information

Tel. +43 4875 5161 10 | E-Mail nationalparkservice.tirol@hohetauern.at
www.hohetauern.at | Download Gruppenfolder Nationalpark

Valley Villgratental & traditional company Villgrater Natur

People from Villgraten manage it with resourcefulness and modesty, with hard work and tenacity to enter an alliance with nature and well-being. So it grew and already exist one of the initial nature and culture landscapes of the alps. The decades old slogan of the region "Come to us, we have nothing", is going to be more and more popular. A valley without any help of ascend, farms with dark wood on steep slopes, here the fields are mowed by hand.

The barrenness & beauty off the valley is breeding ground for innovative workshops - like Villgrater Natur from Josef Schett and his family. The company work with the force of nature and process sheep wool and nature materials to sleeping and living accessoires, offer care products, clothing and weaving art from other companies from the region. Take a look to Villgrater Natur Haus in Innervillgraten.

Running time from the hotel: ca. 50 minutes
Distance: 40 km
Duration: 45 minutes - 3 hours (depends which offer you would like to choose)

Book & more informations

Villgrater Natur Haus
A-9932 Villgraten / Osttirol 
Tel. +43 4843 5520 | Fax +43 4843 5519
E-Mail office@villgraternatur.at | www.villgraternatur.at

Vitalpinum - Relaxing in the alps of Tyrol

Vitalpinum is a glowing, good smelling oasis for nature lovers. The company "Erste Tiroler Latschenöl-Brennerei Brüder Unterweger" layed out a 6.500 m² park in Thal. At Vitalpinum the visitors can see the nature of east tyrol with all senses. Important knowledge about

In the relaxing garden you take a walk through native perennial, trees and bushes through the three zones aktiv/vital, care and relaxing. Here you do the experience to feel the great feeling of the mountains. For example the barefood road, the herbs of the alps - shower or the kneipp path. 

The original reproduction of an old distillery, here you get more informations about the secrets of the extraction of pine oil and other essential treasures. You get an insight to a history which is over 100 years old from the Tiroler Latschenöl-Brennerei Brüder Unterweger. 

At the swiss pine - place of power with waterfall, you relax from curative effect of the swiss pine. The healing herb field was planted from a native expert. Take a walk through the herbs of the alps and their curative effect, which are finished and esteemed by generations. Children can enjoy at the playground, there they can climbing, playing and laughing. At the generous vitalpinum-shop you can find souvenirs and care products for your well-being.

Running time from hotel: ca. 15 minutes 
Distance: 12 km
Duration: 45 minutes - 1,5 hours (depends how long you stay)

Book & more informations

Vitalpinum - Brüder Unterweger, Erste Tiroler Latschenöl-Brennerei
Thal-Aue 13
A-9911 Assling
Tel. +43 4855 81009 | Fax +43 4855 8201-2

World of enjoyment at Loacker Heinfels

In Heinfels at Pustertal, not far away from the castle Heinfels, in the middle of the nature of East Tyrol, there you can find the enjoyment af Loacker. It`s all about enjoyment of the tasty loacker-waffles. The pastry is produced by loacker since generations in South Tyrol. 2010 Loacker have found the ideal establishment in East Tyrol. Take a look to the world of Loacker!

In an interactive exhibition you get to know about the 90 year old history about Loacker and the used raw material and ingridents. A highlight ist definitely the selfmade confectioner, where guests can produce waffles by thereselves. Delicious flummery you can get at Loacker Cafè with large terrace and playground. There is also a shop, where you can get various specialities, about 200 kinds of waffles and cookies.

Running time from hotel: ca. 30 minutes
Distance: 29 km
During: 45 minutes - 3 hours (depends how long you want to stay)

Book & more informations

Loacker Café Heinfels
Panzendorf 196
A-9919 - Heinfels / Austria
Tel. +43 4842 6060 | www.loacker.com

Vollmondtour ©Nationalpark Hohe Tauern (TVB Osttirol)