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Eastern Tyrol is a land of living traditions

People here are proud of their homeland and celebrate this fact with music and many festivals. The cultural calendar is especially diverse in Lienz. As a guest at Hotel Traube, you will find the town square a convenient starting point to enjoy various attractions.

In summer many concerts take place here. Wind ensembles in traditional costumes perform in the main square to the delight of locals and guests from all over the world.
In winter, the Advent market will fascinate you: colorful lights that illuminate the snow along with the aroma of cookies and spiced wine.

If you would like to sample regional products from Eastern Tyrol, then we suggest the town market in Lienz. The "fresh market" in the Messinggasse takes place every Friday (1:00 to 6:30 pm) and Saturday (8:30 am to 12:30 pm).


Sights and attractions around Hotel Traube

Palaces, museums, or natural wonders. The attractions in and around Lienz delight young and old visitors alike. A large selection of destinations awaits you. Of course, here at Hotel Traube we are always happy to provide you with additional information about the very best opportunities.



Marlies Eck Studio & Gallery
On the way to Schloss Bruck, in the house where Albin Egger grew up, you will find the studio and exhibition gallery of Lienz-based artist Marlies Eck, whose focus is on meditative paintings and, more recently, imaginative dolls.

Sights in and around Lienz

3,000 meter peaks, wild rivers, glistening lakes, pristine valleys, …
Excursion destinations in Eastern Tyrol lead you to places that you simply must see. Plan your day with a few of these in mind and experience the Austrian Alps here where they are at their highest.

Lake hike on the Thurntaler

Shortly before reaching Sillian, you can ride the 6-pers. gondola up the Thurntaler, a vast hiking paradise at an elevation of 2,100m. Go on a flattish, variety-filled hike to the Thurntaler See or hike on a giant loop across meadows full of flowers around Thurntaler summit. Awaiting you is a magnificent panorama of the famous Dolomites and Carnic Alps in the south and the Villgraten mountains in the north.
In winter, the Hochpustertal ski area is an Eldorado for winter athletes.



The Lucknerhaus is easy to reach via the Kalser Grossglockner Road. The hut is an ideal starting point for leisurely hikes in the surrounding countryside as well as challenging alpine tours, including an ascent of the Grossglockner - Austria's highest mountain with an elevation of 3,797 m. If you prefer simply to take it easy, you can always just relax out on the sunny terrace.

Pustertal High Alpine Road

The Pustertal High Alpine Road is a wonderful scenic road on the "sunny terrace" of Pustertal valley. It connects idyllic villages and hamlets located along the mountainside and is a road treasured by nature lovers. The main attraction is the wildlife park in Assling. It is home to a large number of native animal species, for example marmots, pot-bellied pigs, eagles, and deer. You can then continue to Anras, where you will be able to visit the former bishop's seat (bishops from Brixen - today in South Tyrol).


Zedlacher Paradies

The "Zedlacher Paradies" is home to Tyrol's oldest larches. Beginning at the parking lot above Zedlach (1,260 m) is the forest trail, which leads past larch trees as much as 500 years old - some with a trunk circumference of 7 m - and provides info about the forest on boards along the way. The emblem of this path is a 3 m high bear made of wrought iron.


Kunsthaus Rondula

It is wonderful to regard art as an approach to life itself, and allow it to influence all aspects of life ...! In keeping with this motto, Kunsthaus Rondula displays a variety of art on 4 floors and invites you to visit!

Opening times: Thursday - Saturday from 2 - 7 pm and by phone appointment!
Additional info: Kunsthaus Rondula, A-9991 Dölsach, Tel.: +43/4852/65 400


The Alte Schmiede

The only preserved farrier and nail smithy from the Middle Ages will delight you: smithy tours take place every Tuesday and Saturday at 3 pm. Let yourself be enchanted by the pure romance and stories from times long past, and take home a special souvenir for lasting memories!


Aguntum - The Roman city in the mountains

Aguntum - the trade center of the region - was established almost 2,000 years ago and offers many special features today: an early Christian church, an impressive city wall, spa, artisans' district, an atrium house, and a viewing tower, from which you can see the entire city.
This special museum is open starting April 10!

Additional info: Tel +43 4852 61 550


Albin Egger-Lienz Memorial Chapel

Local war memorial · The tombstone of Albin Egger is located on the grounds of St. Andrew's parish church in a war remembrance chapel with frescoes he painted himself.

Opening times: daily from 11 am - 4 pm in July and August
Additional info: Schloss Bruck, A-9900 Lienz, Tel +43 4852 625 80 83


Schloss Bruck

Schloss Bruck towers high above the town of Lienz - the former seat of the counts of Gorizia. It originally served as a refuge and fortification. After a few additions and renovations, it functioned as a representative and administrative building in which the counts of Gorizia and, after them, the barons of Wolkenstein-Rodenegg resided! Since 1943, the palace has been in the possession of the city of Lienz and houses the city  museum. Over 40 exhibition rooms house a wealth of nature, history, and art from Eastern Tyrol. The two-story palace chapel from the 13th century is also a sight to see.

Opening times: from mid May to the end of October
Additional info:
Tel +43 4852 62 580


Puppenheimat Luise Oberhauser

The "Puppenheimat" in Oberlienz will delight you: 500 different dolls are displayed and portray real life: whether working, celebrating, or playing sports - Luise Oberhauser has frozen various aspects of life in time! Imagination, love, hard work, and talent are necessary to turn dolls made of cloth and old-fashioned materials into replicas of everyday life!

Opening times
from July to September, every Friday and Saturday!
Additional info: Tel +43 4852 70 189


Galitzen Gorge Water Theme Trail

A natural jewel at the foot of the Lienz Dolomites! Along this path and its bridges, see the rushing Galitzenbach and feel the raw power of water. Info boards provide fascinating insights into the history, geology, birds, and flora of this area! A wonderful, newly created via ferrata route leads alongside the torrential water and through Galitzen gorge. Your constant proximity to the water and those impressive views from up high make the via ferrata a really memorable experience!

Additional info: Tel +43 48 52 65 265


Kammerlanderhof in Thurn

The late-Gothic building (ca. 1500) is impressive testimony to Eastern Tyrolean folk culture in the valley surrounding Lienz, always a rewarding place to visit! The "s' Kammerland - Kulturinitiative Thurn" association helps maintain and preserve this historical building.

Opening times: mid June to the beginning of September, every Monday from 4 - 7 pm
Additional info: Tel +43 4852 71 508



The Weissensee (Carinthia), 55 km away, is the highest swimming lake in Austria. This lake, nestled between mountains and forests, is not only a water sports paradise in summer but is also an insider's tip for romantic boat rides offered daily. As soon as the lake freezes over in winter, you can go ice skating or play ice stock.


Matreier Tauernhaus

The route leads from Matrei to Prossegg - via the Annakapelle - towards the Tauern valley. Past the towns of Gruben, Berg, and on to Raneburg.
From here, you continue via the old Felbertauern road towards the Matreier Tauernhaus at an elevation of 1,512 m. This alpine inn is in the heart of Hohe Tauern National Park and is the perfect base for mountain climbers and hikers. The Matreier Tauernhaus is easy to reach by bus and offers splendid views from the panoramic terrace.
An intermediate, very scenic hike leads from the Matreier Tauernhaus to the glacier, which you can explore without major obstacles along the way. As an alternative to walking, you can take a romantic horse-drawn carriage ride.


Barbarastollen Mine – Healing power of air & water

The Barbara healing galleries, in which the humidity is almost 100%, are ca. 30 km from Lienz in Drautal valley in Carinthia. This climate has especially positive effects on the respiratory system.

Opening times: MON-FRI
by phone appointment: Tel +43 4714 20060


Umbal Falls Water Trail / Kals Dorfertal

The starting point is the Ströden parking lot at an elevation of 1,403 m in Prägraten am Grossvenediger. From here, a road leads (carriage rides also possible) in ca. 30 min. or take a forest path in ca. 45 min. to the  Pebellalm and Islitzeralm at an elevation of 1,513 m.
Awaiting hikers here is a magnificent up-close experience of the Stuben Falls on the Isel, the largest glacial stream on the southern side of the Hohe Tauern. The impressive loop trail leads up to an elevation of 1,700 m and takes around 1.5 hrs. For an extended hike from the highest point along the path, a rewarding destination is the Clara Hütte at an elevation of 2,040 m (time 1.5 hrs.).


Vitalpinum Assling

Schnapps distillery - wellness garden - field of medicinal herbs - play park - Vitalpin shop. See, smell, feel, hear, and be amazed - the five areas of Vitalpinum invite you to discover, experience, learn about, and enjoy the mountains with all your senses ...

Additional info:
+43 4855 82010


Strumerhof - an herbal inn

Experience the world of herbs at the Strumerhof in Hinteregg in Matrei. A short "weed" tour or a guided tour through the exhibit in the barn will put you in the mood for the culinary treats prepared by the Holzer family.

Additional info: Tel.: +43 4875 6310


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