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Bike Tours in East Tyrol

A wonderful recreation experience for the whole family


Bike Tours in Eastern Tyrol

Our hotel is the perfect starting point for bike tours in Eastern Tyrol. Awaiting you are scenically beautiful tours as soon as your feet touch the pedals. Although the massive Dolomites are right within your reach, bike tours in Eastern Tyrol don't necessarily have to be strenuous, making them ideally suited for families with children as well.


A bike vacation is always rewarding

If you are on your first bike vacation, you certainly don't have to bring along your own bike, since there is the opportunity to rent bikes right here in Lienz. And you will see: after you have explored the countryside by bike just once, you will only want to do so time and again. After all, biking is probably the best way to consciously experience everything a region has to offer. And we promise you one more thing: even if you have already been on several bike tours in Eastern Tyrol, there are always even more paths and more exciting highlights just waiting for you to discover.


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Everyone finds their favorite bike tour in Eastern Tyrol

If you are looking for leisurely bike tours in Eastern Tyrol, you can bike along the wonderful banks of the Isel and Drava rivers. Discover the picturesque landscapes around Lienz, pass through the wonderful villages in our region, and breathe in the fresh mountain air. This is recreation in its purest form. One of the most popular bike tours in Eastern Tyrol is the Drava bike path. At a length of almost 370 km, it was created especially with biking vacations in mind. This bike path is divided into stages, so if you just want to go on a day excursion, you might just decide to explore stage 2: It leads for 75 km from Lienz along the Drava to Spittal. This tour is perfectly suited for younger cyclists, especially since the path is well-maintained and there are very few climbs along the way.


From Sillian to Nikolsdorf

This is where the most developed part of the Drava bike path is located. In addition, if you are looking for a larger bike path, there is the Iseltal bike path as well as over 200 km of easy bike paths in the valley floor, all of which provide healthy holiday experiences for inexperienced cyclists. 

To meet the needs of long-distance bikers, hoteliers along the Drava bike path have joined forces. They have tailored their offer especially to bikers. Numerous bike tours in combination with culture, nature, wellness and great cuisine make these hosts along the bike path ideal "base camps" for your biking holiday - all the way into Carinthia.

A train ride from Lienz to Innichen provides you with a special opportunity. The bike ride back to Lienz can be accomplished even by children without great exertion; the Drava bike path takes you on a 40 km ride that gently drops 500 vertical meters on its way back to Lienz.

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