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Golf for Beginners

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Birdie, bogey, hole in one: if these terms don't mean much to you, then you have come to the right place. By taking golf lessons in Eastern Tyrol, not only do you get to know the world of golf, you are also able to experience a vacation amid the magical scenery of the Dolomites, with all the boundless variety and recreational opportunities this region has to offer. Golfing in Eastern Tyrol has a long tradition thanks to its mild climate, attracting many guests here each year. The flat, broad golf course makes it especially easy for beginners to learn and enjoy.

After a golf lesson in Lienz with one of the many top coaches, you will quickly realize that this won't be your last golfing experience in Eastern Tyrol.


Golf lessons in Lienz will help you reach your goals quickly

Even if you want just a short introduction to the sport of golf, golf lessons in Eastern Tyrol will quickly help you to develop a familiarity with the golf clubs and balls. Golf for beginners is especially fun when you not only stay in a wonderful golf-friendly hotel such as ours, but when you also learn to play this traditional sport in such a glorious region. But that's simply something you will have to see and experience for yourself. Take golf lessons in Lienz as you enjoy your well-deserved vacation.


Hotel Traube: the best base for golf lessons in Eastern Tyrol

Our golf hotel in Eastern Tyrol stands in the middle of Lienz, making us the ideal location for quick, easy access to the golf course. Golf instruction is offered in Eastern Tyrol in many different forms, and we will help you find the option that's best for you. All beginner lessons have a few things in common: you will get to have fun playing golf, and can enjoy nature at the same time. The massive peaks of the Dolomites and pristine nature make golf in Eastern Tyrol a one-of-a-kind experience.

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